About Us

What is a Foodie?

A foodie is an affectionate term for anyone who enjoys food! Food lovers, food enthusiasts, food explorers and regular people – our tours are designed for everyone!

What are Okanagan Foodie Tours?

A new culinary experience is catching the attention of foodies at tourist destinations around the world. Enthusiasts are falling in love with “Food Tours” as a unique way to meet people, experience the culture of a region, and enjoy fantastic meals from a destination’s showcase eateries to hidden gems. We’re proud to bring that experience home to Kelowna as The Okanagan’s original walking food tour company.

We offer participants guided 3-hour walking and tasting tours packed full of amazing foods from local artisans along with a sprinkling of commentary to help connect you with the sights and culture of the region.

Why take an Okanagan Foodie Tour?

  • Food tours are a memorable way to experience the Okanagan’s vibrant culinary scene, enjoy tantalizing foods and connect with sights and culture along the way.
  • Tour guides are foodies themselves and pay attention to every detail to ensure a fun and relaxing, yet satisfying and informative adventure for fellow foodies.
  • Chance to meet, support and engage with local food artisans, chefs and restaurateurs.
  • Indulge yourself with unique culinary insights and sample delicious foods – taste the “best of the best”.
  • Great way to experience new foods and learn about restaurants that you can visit again for the full meal experience.

TIP: If your group is smaller than 6 participants, please click on the Contact Us button and provide details. We will do our best to fit you into a tour and will be in touch to confirm.

My Story

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Hi, my name is Nancy Quinton – Founder and Experience Host with Okanagan Foodie Tours. After a 25-year corporate career it was time for me to venture in a totally different direction. After participating in food tours around the world I was hooked! I wanted to bring this globally trending foodie experience home to Kelowna. My insight into the history of the area coupled with a genuine fondness for customer service was the natural genesis of Okanagan Foodie Tours. Beautiful scenery, perfect weather, paired with a vibrant culinary scene provided a superb backdrop to introduce these unique tours to the valley.

As we begin our 10th season (time really does fly when you are having fun!), I have to thank my tour partners – the restaurant owners, managers, chefs and their teams. Without them Okanagan Foodie Tours would never have come to fruition.

This year we are focusing on group tours – corporate and personal. I look forward to sharing a little of our sights, stories, and, most definitely, scrumptious foods with new groups of locals and visitors.

Let’s ‘take your taste buds for a walk’ with the Okanagan’s original food tour company!