About Us

What is a Foodie?

A foodie is an affectionate term for anyone who enjoys food! Food lovers, food enthusiasts, food explorers and regular people – our tours are designed for everyone!

What are Okanagan Foodie Tours?

A new culinary experience is catching the attention of foodies at tourist destinations around the world. Enthusiasts are falling in love with these “Food Tours” as a unique way to meet people, experience the culture of a region, and enjoy fantastic meals from a destination’s hidden gems. We’re proud to bring that experience home to the Okanagan as Kelowna’s original food tour company.

We offer participants a guided 3-hour walking and tasting tour packed full of amazing foods from local artisans, cultural commentary, and historical (and fun) facts.

Why take an Okanagan Foodie Tour?

  • Food tours are a memorable way to experience the Okanagan’s tantalizing foods, cultural commentary, and to learn fun facts along the way.
  • Tour guides are foodies themselves and pay attention to every detail to ensure a fun and relaxing, yet satisfying and informative adventure for fellow foodies.
  • Chance to meet, support and engage with local food artisans, chefs and restaurant owners.
  • Indulge yourself with unique culinary insights and sample delicious foods – taste the “best of the best”.
  • Great way to try new foods and learn about new restaurants that you can visit again for the full meal experience.

TIP: If you’re visiting Kelowna, be sure to book your tour towards the beginning of your visit. That way you will have time to go back and enjoy the full menu of your favorite stops.

My Story

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Hi, my name is Nancy Quinton – Founder and Experience Host with Okanagan Foodie Tours. After a 25-year career managing the delivery of customer service excellence in the telecommunications industry, it was time to venture in a totally different direction. I had participated in food tours in Vancouver and Arizona and I was hooked! I wanted to bring this globally trending foodie experience home to Kelowna. My insight into the history of the area coupled with a genuine fondness for customer service was the natural genesis of Okanagan Foodie Tours. The beautiful scenery and perfect weather, paired with a vibrant culinary scene and great attention to the tourist industry provided a superb backdrop to introduce these unique tours to the valley.

As we begin our 5th season I have to thank my tour partners – the restaurant owners, managers, chefs and their teams. Without them Okanagan Foodie Tours would never have come to fruition. And we are so excited to be expanding to Vernon and Penticton this summer. Life is very good and I look forward to sharing a little of our sights, stories, and, most definitely, scrumptious foods with locals and visitors alike.

Let’s ‘take your taste buds for a walk’ with the Okanagan’s original food tour company!

and in Vernon…

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Hi, my name is Loretta Friedrich – Experience Host with Okanagan Foodie Tours. I’ve always been interested in good food: I am an enthusiastic gardener, loyal supporter of local farms, growers, suppliers, and passionate reader of food history publications, culinary books, and recipe collections. In my spare time, I develop recipes, actively volunteer with food organizations, and have been a board member for community gardens and food conferences. I also describe myself as a nutritional foodie / educator which really combines my love of food with my background as a teacher and holistic nutritionist. I’ve also assisted with food tours and have enjoyed regional culinary outings myself.

I was already actively following Okanagan Foodie Tours on social media when I contacted Nancy, founder, to see if I/we could bring foodie tours to Vernon. Much to my delight it was a resounding yes to work as a team and offer food experiences in Vernon, a city I immediately fell in love with decades ago when my grandparents first moved to the area. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to showcase this area of the Okanagan valley.

My goal is that folks not just eat but thoroughly enjoy a tasty and informative experience by devouring the best food anywhere and learning a bit of history-rich Vernon along the way.  Know that we welcome you to take your taste buds for a walk here!